The Few Virtues Of Coffee To Consume With +/- Moderation

Originally from Ethiopia, coffee was consumed as a decoction, and without being roasted by the local population. After several centuries, two monks in Yemen discovered the exceptional flavor of roasted coffee beans before decoction. It was from the 15th century that coffee began to conquer the world, starting with Arabia. It was not until the 17th century that coffee was introduced to Europe, more precisely to Venice. In the 18th century, the itinerant coffee merchant already existed in Europe, especially in Paris.

What does coffee contain?

From coffee berries, coffee has a dozen bioactive components, including caffeine, diterpene alcohols ( cafestol ), and phenolic compounds. It also contains two main antioxidants, namely chlorogenic acids, and melanoidins. Due to the complexity of its composition, this pleasantly aromatic psychotropic drink should be consumed moderately. Moreover, the daily consumption of one to two cups of coffee helps to ensure the supply of antioxidants necessary for the well-being of the body.

The virtues of coffee

Coffee has many virtues. If it is very known for its stimulating properties due to the presence of caffeine and the alkaloid in its components, it should be known that it is also taste. By its undoubtedly pleasant aroma, the consumer has great pleasure in drinking a cup. Note that it contains precisely 800 chemical compounds. You can find vanillin, guaiacol, butadione (aroma of butter).

Even if it is classified in the category of psychotropic drinks, you should know that coffee has therapeutic properties. In fact, caffeine increases blood pressure and guarantees vascular resistance. Coffee is therefore not recommended for those who already have high enough blood pressure.

In this sense, it provides a stimulating function for the heart. A study has determined that coffee contains minerals, including potassium, as well as vitamin B3. However, non-moderate consumption (more than four cups) of this aromatic drink causes insomnia, confusion or disturbances of the heart rhythm, which would considerably increase the risk of a heart attack.

Coffee in numbers…

Having become a major economic asset for exporting countries, coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. More than half of the world’s population consumes it. The rate of coffee consumers is higher in cold countries. The largest coffee producers internationally are Brazil, Viet Nam, and Colombia.

The latter covers 15% of coffee production in the world if Vietnam is the second-largest producer in the world. Some tropical countries, notably Africa, also export them. If in the majority of cases, coffee is produced in the South, it is the countries of the North that consume the most. 70% of the coffee produced in the world is imported by the industrialized countries, and the United States constitutes the first country consuming coffee in the world.

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