How To Recognize A Good Espresso?

It obviously depends on the tastes of each and the taste traditions of each country.
So a good espresso, like a good coffee in general, is first and foremost an aroma.

The world of coffee aromas, like that of wines, is endless. It is then a taste which depends on the feelings of bitterness, acidity and sweetness. It is also a body, which gives the coffee its density. Finally, it is foam.

For Marise Sargis, author of the blog The best coffees in Paris, good coffee is “aromatic, balanced. It tells a story, creates an emotion, has a good length on the palate, finesse, elegance ”.

How do you recognize a good espresso then?

Look at the cream:
it is brown / hazelnut, slightly mottled. If it is rather white, the coffee is underdosed. If it is rather black, it is the opposite.

Look at the consistency: the cream should be 2 or 3 millimetres.
Breathe in the scent: like wine, espresso can be tasted with your nose: the smell of toast, chocolate, fruit? It’s a very good sign.

Taste the flavour: sweet, sour, bitter are the three basic flavours of a good espresso.

To make a good espresso you need 7 grams of freshly roasted and ground coffee, a perfect grind, freshwater and a suitable machine.

And the main espresso machines for the home?

The automatic or manual espresso machine: it is the espresso machine par excellence. More expensive to buy than a Nespresso, the cost per use is lower, whether in beans or with ground coffee.

The hard capsule Nespresso: it makes espressos and cappuccinos. It is a high-end machine and the coffee is excellent. There is a large choice of flavours, it is fast but it is expensive, the capsules are too and you can only buy them in clubs. You cannot make several drinks.

The Tassimo with hard capsule: it is multi drink. You can make tea and chocolate. There is a choice of 40 drinks. It is easy to use. Thanks to its barcode system, just press to start the preparation. It is expensive, the price of the capsules is high, and there are only a few brands of roasters available.

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