How To Clean Burnt Coffee Pot?

Let us know How To Clean Burnt Coffee Pot?

Sometimes they usually burn us some meals when we cook, this could be an inconvenience when removing the remains. However, how to clean a burnt pot is not that difficult when you have the right materials.

When a Pot Burns

There are several disadvantages by which a pot can get burned, either seriously or slightly. It may be the result of an unexpected call or because you are still an apprentice in the kitchen.

Depending on the state of your vessel the work of how to clean a burnt pot can be simple or very complicated. Many people generally choose to use home remedies, as they are easily achieved, and have no adverse effects.

First important factor

The first thing to determine is what kind of material the pot you want to leave as new is made of. This is very important because what for some may be beneficial for others can become fatal.

There are very strong chemicals for some types of saucepan and if it is not burned but stuck the task is different. In this second case the procedure and the remedies may turn out to be different, but they will always be very effective.

Sensitive pots

How to clean a burnt pot can be difficult when it is porcelain or tends to be a bit delicate. Hence the importance of choosing the products, so as not to damage it, or scratch it rather, that you can continue using it.

There are people who choose to buy a new cooking vessel, however, others want to continue using it. Either because they have a special affection or because they just think they have good quality.

The easiest way out

The vast majority of people do not like this tedious work of how to clean a burnt pot. Because they can damage their hands or their nails, or worse yet they do not have time to do this necessary work.

For these types of problems, there are other solutions, such as hiring a cleaning company and an end to your problem. You will not have to spend your free time removing the impurities from your pot, as these measures will be less complicated.

Steps to achieve a new pot

To leave your pot as before, before you burned any food you could use hot water. This option can be feasible for any type of vessel, either metallic or more sensitive materials.

The heat of the water will allow the stuck food to detach, with this step it will not be necessary to let it soak. However, sometimes this may not be enough because the problem with your pot is much more complicated.

What to do if hot water does not work out?

If the hot water does not end with the dirty or burning of your pot, do not worry, as there are several solutions. A very good option could be to use white vinegar to remove impurities and food debris.

After removing the food that has been burned, you can proceed to wash it as usual. Once this process is finished, add a little vinegar in the pot, which at least covers the bottom.

Once you have covered what you want to remove, simmer the vinegar in the pot. Finally, let it boil, this will allow the dirt and food scraps to come off the pot.

Use baking soda 

There are many practical tips on how to clean a burnt pot, but not all give good results. Using bicarbonate is a good option, it is recommended by many people, without leaving negative effects and being very effective.

The household cleaning company recommends using it as many times as necessary until the pot looks like new. This powerful cleaner can serve you on many occasions, it can even remove the layer of food more attached to your vessel.

How to carry out the process?

This procedure is very simple and similar to the previous one, you will only need a little baking soda and water in the pot. After mixing water and baking soda in the metal vessel, until it covers the impurity that needs cleaning.

Once this process is finished, you can take the bicarbonate to heat with the water over low heat. Wait 20 or 30 minutes to remove it from the flame, once it is boiling, discard the water.

Finally, let the bicarbonate water in your pot stand until it is warm. Then, with a sponge, remove the remains that have been left on the bottom burned after performing this short but effective process.


How to clean a burnt pot can be a bit more complicated if you have an aluminum pot. This process will not be very useful, on the contrary, it is preferable that you do not use this remedy, bicarbonate would damage the aluminum.

The simplest solutions

These methods of how to clean a burnt pot are to remove dirt from your pot quickly. However, many people do not feel like doing this kind of cleaning in the same way.

A household cleaning company contains different methods to make your destroyed pot look like new, eliminating damage. Tartar creme could be a good option for you if you don’t have time this solution will be very easy.

A method for those who do not have time

For people who do not have the necessary time or materials to perform this work, there is also a solution. A good option is the cream of tartar, usually used for homemade pastries, but they contain excellent cleaning power.

It is very easy to perform this procedure, you will only need to add this baking substance with a little water in your pan. Do not add much water, ideally, the mixture is very thick, so that its effect is adequate.

Let this substance rest in your pot as long as possible, so that removing impurities is not difficult. On the contrary, if you let the vessel rest for a full night, the work will be very complicated.

Some gaseous substances

This idea is excellent because its strong chemical components, allow to completely eliminate any trace of burn that the pot has. And it is a process as simple as the others, you can also find these components in any soft drink.

Soft drinks are very easy to get, in any supermarket, and voila, task solved without any complications. By putting this product rich in acids, in contact with the fire until it boils it will remove the dirty.

To leave it as new

To leave the pan as new a good recommendation would be to use a toilet brush or tea towel. In this way, gradually eliminating the remains of the burn that has arisen in its vessel.

How to clean a burnt pot in the least complicated way we show it here, however, you must be very careful. When making use of these home remedies you must first determine the material from which your vessel is made.

Methods to clean your pot if it is resistant

If your pot is from:

  • Stainless steel
  • Mud
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Iron

It means that you have strong, good quality pots in your possession that will be very durable. So to be burned, with traces of food you don’t have to get rid of it, on the contrary.

This is a very good reason to take care of her and make every effort to clean her well. If your pan is made of some material already mentioned, there will be no problems if you finish cleaning them with a stubble.

If the pan is fragile

The methods to clean a fragile vessel are very different from the resistant ones, if you use the same procedures you can damage it. The best thing for this case is only to carry out a thorough and delicate cleaning because we could end up destroying it.

If the pot you have to clean is some of these materials:

  • Teflon
  • Ceramics
  • Nonstick Components

The process is a bit difficult, but not impossible, there are still solutions to how to clean a burned pot if it is sensitive. Only you can not use a toilet brush because you could end up spoiling your pot until it is unusable.

What to do to avoid damaging its properties?

As is known, the pots used to make certain types of foods have components or properties that are sensitive. In order not to eliminate these properties, it is necessary to follow some instructions so as not to damage these important components.

It is best not to use sponges that are rustic and can scratch the inside of your pot. If this happens, their properties would be exposed and it would be very dangerous for food to acquire these chemicals.

If you are not careful not only damage your vessel but also endanger the health of your family. That is why it is advisable that if you are going to scrub the leftover food do it gently and being very careful.

What to use

The best in this opportunity will be to put aside stubble or rough brushes, on the contrary, use soft materials. It can become useful, even a soft blue sponge, alone in this way the pan would not be damaged.

The essential cleaning routine

The constancy with which you clean your pot will determine its duration of life, can remain as new for a long time. Only if you give it the necessary attention, and give it the required care, giving it constant maintenance is a good idea.

There are very simple ways on how to clean a burnt pot so that your pan stays as new. You can leave it soaking with a little water and neutral soap so that the next day you just have to rinse it.

Another important factor: The utensils

The utensils that are going to be used for this hard work, play a very important role. How to clean a burnt pot good materials will be simple and fast, without resorting to complicated and ineffective methods.

Here we leave you a link so you can buy good cleaning tools Online. Sponges are very necessary, some types of blue cloth will be essential to clean ceramic pots.

The best way to perform any procedure to prolong the life of your pot will be to do it by hand. Well, if you use any steam machinery you would also damage the pan, and the simplest thing is to choose to clean it manually.


There are several methods to prevent your vessel from being useless or burned for life and you have to dispose of it. Cleaning it every time you finish making your meals can be a good way to extend its usefulness.

The lemon

This fruit is excellent for many reasons, it is a powerful natural cleanser, it can kill the fat and remove stains. How to clean a burnt pot, using lemon will be very fast and will not present any difficulty.

It can be used in several ways, it can be cutting the lemon and applying it directly on the blackened surface. Another method to use it is to make lemon juice and put it to heat until it reaches the boiling point.

Use bleach to remove

This method is well known to people, however, some precautions should be taken when using it. It is used very frequently for how to clean a burnt pot for its detergent and bleaching qualities composed of alkaline salts.

The best way to clean a burned pot is to apply the bleach in drops sparingly in a liter of water. Then, that the water and the drops of bleach are in the pan it will be necessary to let it boil.

Precautions when using alkaline salts

When giving a solution to how to clean a burnt pot using this product it is important to consider some recommendations:

  • Wear gloves, do not come in contact with this chemical.
  • Open the windows to allow the kitchen to ventilate quickly.
  • Avoid sucking the air it gives off, as it can be toxic.
  • Use a small amount of the product.

The change you need

Without a doubt, all these tips can be useful for you, and to solve burns of your pots. However, the best thing for you is to try Innovafs, what is this about? It is very simple.

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