How To Choose a Mug For The Office?

The mug is an accessory that has been specially designed to serve your favorite hot drinks. He is known for his beautiful looks and his personalized and customizable decorations. Find out what a mug really is, the difference with a classic mug, and the criteria you should take into account when choosing one for your desk (size, design, etc.).

What is a mug?

The mug is a container used by lovers of hot drinks. Tea, coffee, or other beverages can be served with this accessory. It is important to distinguish it from the traditional cup.

The mug

The mug is a container widely used in France. It is ideal for enjoying coffee prepared with a capsule, a coffee maker, or even a filter. The majority of models have a handle to facilitate handling. It is available in several building materials and is available in various designs.

The difference between a mug and a coffee cup

The cup is much smaller than the mug. It is generally used with a saucer or saucer. As for the design, the mug is more modern and trendy. There are also different ways to customize it. Many users today turn to this container because of its ease of use/maintenance and its resistance. Finally, they are also different in size. The mug is much wider in diameter. Thus, it has a greater capacity.

The different materials

The ability of the mug to maintain the temperature of your drink depends on the material it was made with.

A glass / stainless steel mug: both offer practically the same advantages. However, you should opt for those that have a double wall in order to limit any heat loss. In all cases, these materials help preserve the taste of coffee (see our article on isothermal mugs here )
A metal mug: this is the material that offers the simplest finish. It has the advantage of keeping your drinks at the desired temperature. Like glass, some models are designed with a double wall in order to avoid burning yourself and to ensure more efficient heat retention;
A plastic mug: ideal for traveling. However, on the health side, plastic is not necessarily the most recommended of all. If you are used to bringing hot drinks, it is best to avoid this material. It is best suited for cold drinks;
A ceramic mug: This is the basic material of mugs. You have the choice between models with or without cover. They keep the temperature of your drink for several hours.

What is the ideal capacity?

The capacity of the mug depends on the amount of coffee you are used to drinking. Choosing a large container will prevent you from filling it every time. The smallest capacity is 200 ml, but some can serve up to 600 ml of drink.

What size?

The mugs are appreciated for their much larger and advantageous size compared to a cup. Before choosing your office coffee mug, you must take into account the dimensions of your coffee machine. The average size is 106 mm in height and 82 mm in diameter.

The size of the mug also plays a role in its ease of maintenance. The larger its diameter, the easier it will be for you to clean it properly, by hand or in the dishwasher.

Which design to choose?

The mug has the enormous advantage of being personalized to perfection. Different options are available to you. You can add messages, photos, logos (for businesses), designs, names, and more. This is an original gift idea for your loved ones.

If you prefer more sober designs, choose the one-color models. You are spoiled for choice: black, blue, pink, or even green according to your tastes.

How to maintain a mug?

Your office coffee mug requires regular maintenance, regardless of how often it is used or the material it is made of. First, it should be washed frequently at the office. Otherwise, you must take it home. In any case, you can do the cleaning by hand using a soft sponge, a cleaning product, and scrapers.

These containers must be washed in the same way as your cutlery, that is to say after each use and thoroughly.

The mug is today a very popular container, thanks to its beautiful appearance and its large capacity. Beyond the criteria mentioned above, the most important remains your tastes and your needs. If you are a coffee lover, choose a resistant model that you can use several times.

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