Which is the Best Pour Over Coffee maker to choose from? Review And Recommendation

What is the best pour over coffee maker ?

Best Pour Over Coffee maker

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

It allows you to brew an excellent cup of Coffee in few minutes

Chefbar Pour Over Coffee Maker

It precise and smooth water flow in making drip coffee and pouring over tea

COSORI Pour Over Coffee Maker

Stainless Still with 5 temperature, automatic Shutoff and Memory Function

The pour over coffee maker, which allows you to have hot water quickly available is used daily. It is appreciated for its ease of use, whether it is to prepare coffee, tea or even an infusion.

Today there are many models that stand out for their design and options.

So that you can choose the model that suits you best, we invite you to discover a comparative table of the best pour over coffee maker followed by our opinion on the most interesting models on the market.

Then, you will discover the advantages and disadvantages of the pour over coffee as well as the methods to properly maintain your appliance.

You can also read the criteria for choosing the best pour over coffee makerYou will discover the different types of heating, the design, the material, and the coating and all the characteristics of this device.

Our Opinion On The Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

Taking into account the various selection criteria, we have selected here the best pour over coffees of the moment!

How to choose the

To choose your pour over coffee, you need to take a step back and ask yourself a number of questions. They should concern among others, the product’s ability, coating, power, the existence of a filter, the heating time, the existence or not of a wire, weight, impact sound, etc.

To save you time, here we’ve answered all the questions you might have in your quest for the best cordless kettle or mini kettle on the market.

What type of heater for my pour over coffee?

You have the choice between an electric model or a model that works with an induction hob. The more practical pour over coffee has a built-in resistance that allows water to be heated quickly.

Which design to choose for the pour over coffee?

When it comes to design, it is essentially a matter of taste. So choose the finish of your choice: glass, stainless steel or plastic. These materials respectively reflect elegance, modernity, and simplicity.

Choose the color of your choice, between sober and colorful shades. The styles on offer usually come in three variations, including classic, retro, and modern. Make your selection according to your decor and your preferences.

What material for my pour over coffee : Plastic, Stainless Steel or Glass?

We need to pay special attention to the material and coating of your pour over coffee.

On the market, manufacturers let you choose between 3 types of materials:


Glass utensils are second to none when it comes to adding chic to your kitchen. With an electric glass pour over coffee maker, elegance and finesse come into your kitchen. It’s also a non-rusting material, free of Bisphenol A, and invites you to watch the bubbles boil through it.

However, be careful with the fragility of this material which can break from the first impact if it falls!

Stainless Steel: Shiny And Solid

Stainless steel is the standard material that you can have in your home without spending a fortune. So opting for a stainless steel pour over coffee is choosing ergonomics, durability, and design!


If you want plastic pour over coffee maker that you will easily carry (when traveling, for example), the plastic-coated ones should be fine for you. In addition, plastic offers the advantage of being strong and durable.

What the capacity of pour over coffee to choose?

The capacity of your pour over coffee is a subjective matter which depends only on your needs. If you live alone or with two people, a kettle with a capacity of 1 liter, or the equivalent of 5 cups will do. However, if your tea time is spent at work with colleagues or family, then do not hesitate to choose a kettle with a reservoir that can hold more than 1.5 L of water.

Can I adjust the temperature of my pour over coffee?

If you are a tea lover, it is better to buy a kettle with temperature control. Indeed, green tea, for example, must be infused at a given temperature to really retain all its virtues and all its aroma. Depending on the type of tea: green tea, black tea, infusion, etc. the temperature must be different.

In addition, most kettles offer the keep warm function, so that you can have hot water for a long time.

What power should I choose for my pour over coffee?

Electric accessory, the pour over coffee works efficiently given its healing power which is a determining element at the time of purchase. 

For your kettle, the optimum power for fast heating is 2000W. However, power is a factor in the size and therefore the amount of water your pour over coffee has to heat.

For small-sized kettles, which heat less than a liter of water, you can be content with a power of less than 1000 W. From a capacity above 1.5 L, it is better to choose a kettle with a power greater than 2000 W.

Choosing a cordless or corded Kettle?

If for a long time we have been dealing with wired pour over coffees, the concern for ergonomics has led manufacturers to offer more and more cordless models.

Much more practical, the wireless kettle is placed on a wired base which is responsible for heating the water it contains.

BPA-free kettle?

When we talk about BPA, we say that only plastic kettles contain it. This is not really correct. Even if stainless steel and glass kettles exist, they still contain a certain amount of plastic, and therefore a risk of BPA.

It is not uncommon for the interior to be plastic while the coating is glass or stainless steel.

Does the pour over coffee have an anti-lime filter?

The anti-lime filter is an important point that allows you to drink purified and healthy water by your kettle. This filter is usually located at the spout and filters the water of any impurities before it ends up in your cup. With an anti-lime filter, water tastes better, and so does your tea.
The other criteria to take into account:

The automatic shutdown function

Thanks to this function, your pour over coffee switches off by itself when the water reaches the desired temperature.

The Noise Impact

The pour over coffee is usually quiet and you might even forget that it is on. You just hear a slight noise that suggests boiling. The best models have an audible signal that alerts you when the water is heating up and also when boiling is finished.

Available Space

Depending on the use you want to make of it, the space you intend for its storage, you can choose a large or small pour over coffee. Capacity often determines the size of your kettle.

An insulating handle

The handle of your kettle should be insulated to prevent you from burning yourself when serving.

Beak size

The spout of the pour over coffee should be wide enough without being unsightly. This allows you to fill your cup quickly, without spending endless seconds in it and without splashing yourself!

The price

The pour over coffee is not the kind of product that can be categorized as “expensive”. Whatever your budget, therefore, you are going to buy a very good kettle, both stylish and efficient!


The central element of your pour over coffee, it is this part that allows it to heat. It can be hidden or visible. Opt for a pour over coffee with a hidden resistance for easier maintenance.

The size of the spout and the presence of an audible indicator also contribute to optimal ergonomics. The first allows the drink to be poured easily and quickly into a container. The second tells you at the right time that the liquid has reached the desired temperature.

Some models are equipped with a digital screen to adjust and control the water heating level at any time.

What are the advantages of pour over coffee?

Fast heating speed

Pour over coffee heats up faster compared to its traditional alter ego. It brings the water to a boil after 2 to 3 minutes. The time saving is considerable at this level.

And there is no need to stand by and wait if the device has an automatic shutdown system.

Low Energy Consumption

pour over coffee consumes little energy thanks to its rapid heating. It is an equipment in phase with the policy of the European Union advocating energy saving.

Its reservoir or base is equipped with a resistance that ensures that the contents reach a high temperature as quickly as possible.

The practical side when traveling

The advantage of using this type of device also lies in the ease of transporting it everywhere, whether the model is wired or not.

The kettle is of reasonable size and weight. Remember to keep its box for easy storage and to take it with you during weekends and holidays.


In addition to heat water, the kettle can be used to prepare the tea, herbal tea, dehydrated sauces, and even soup.

Pour over coffee or pan or microwave?

Pour over coffee s boil water faster than in a pot. Boiling water in a pot on an electric hob, oven with a lid, uses more energy  than using an pour over coffee.

The microwave could also be used, but it switches off after a certain time regardless of the water temperature. In addition, a microwave consumes as much energy as an electric hob. In contrast, heating water in a  pot on an induction hob is as effective as using an pour over coffee. 

However, since most pour over coffee 
s automatically turn off when the required heat is reached, they do not consume energy unnecessarily.

To avoid unnecessary consumption of energy, there are pour over coffees with adjustable temperature. When the water is not brought to a boil, you will save electricity and the resistance will not scale. 

However, it is important to remember to descale pour over coffee s regularly with white vinegar so that they remain effective, especially if the water used is very hard.

How about a whistling kettle instead?

The whistling kettle is a traditional kettle that heats by putting it on a gas or induction hob depending on the model. So you don’t necessarily need electricity, but a heat source. And unlike the pour over coffee, it does not stop automatically but it has many advantages.

Its noise is more pleasant than that of a pour over coffee: a melodious sound alerts you when the water is boiling. The material of whistling kettles is generally stainless steel which allows easy cleaning and does not tarnish. 

There are also whistling kettles made of copper, cast iron, or glass. The whistling kettle is an aesthetic device that comes in several colors and does not take up too much space.

How to maintain your pour over coffee?

To enjoy your pour over coffee for the long term, it is recommended to maintain and clean your kettle anti-lime filter regularly. Choose a kettle with a removable anti-lime filter. You can then remove it and clean it in order to put it back in place.

The limestone is the first enemy of your kettle. If it happens that it gets dirty at the bottom, some good natural tips can get rid of it in a jiffy.

White vinegar

To do this, just fill your kettle with an equal amount of white vinegar and water. Then bring the mixture to a boil or let stand overnight. The limestone disappears on its own!

The oyster shell

To prevent limescale from returning, simply place a   well-washed oyster shell at the bottom of the kettle. The lime will prefer to settle there rather than at the bottom of your kettle.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a  very effective descaler. Just pour 2 tablespoons into your kettle filled with water, then bring to the boil. After intense rinsing, no trace of limescale or tartar.

The maintenance of your electric bathtub depends on the resistance. When it is hidden, maintenance is much easier, as the risk of clogging is limited.


Hope you have got your all answer! Still if you have any question/feedback then please do let me know.

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